About Us

Steward Advanced Materials was founded in 2002 as a division of Steward, Inc., a company with over 130 years experience in producing technical ceramics, ferrites and EMI suppression materials.  Today, Steward Advanced Materials is devoted to producing highly engineered specialty materials and alloys for domestic markets. 

Steward Advanced Materials employs highly capable technical, engineering and production professionals with an extensive knowledge in materials - ceramics, ferrites, magnetic, carbon based materials, survivability, adsorbents and alloys.  We have experience working under confidentiality agreements and a proven track record of licensing technology and collaborative development to deliver advanced materials to our customers.   

Our Quality Management System compliant to ISO 9001 includes 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a pilot plant, QA Lab, R&D facility and an analytical testing lab.

Steward Advanced Materials has expertise in transitioning materials from lab scale to commercial production in a timely and economical fashion. 

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