Steward, Inc was established in 1876 by Demetrius Minor Steward. Steward Advanced Materials, a privately held U.S. company, is owned by his 5th generation family descendants. 

One of Stewardís early products in the area of ceramics was soapstone which was formed into crayons used by railroad and metal-workers. It was during the Gaslight Era that Steward developed, patented and produced a variety of ceramic gas burner tips. 
By 1900, Thomas Edison had lit up Broadway and the electrical craze was on. Steward originated the use of Lavite ceramic insulation for Edisonís new incandescent lights and Edisonís company, which became General Electric, was Stewardís first customer for Lavite. After World War I, Steward continued its expansion in the rapidly growing electrical industry. In the radio era, Steward developed other ceramics for electrical insulation. 
By 1950 following World War II, Steward had begun producing hard ferrites used in the automotive industry and soft ferrite deflection yoke cores for TVís. For the next 20 years Steward became a leading producer of ferrites and related materials used in electronics, copiers, telecommunications, military and automotive industries. 
In 1970ís Steward turned its focus on ferrite cores and components for EMI suppression. Steward successfully grew this business to become a leader in the field of EMI suppression and wide band filters cores. 
2002 to present 
In 2002 Steward Advanced Materials was created as a spin off sister company of Steward, Inc to focus on producing highly engineered specialty materials and magnetic alloys used in a variety of high technology industries. Steward Inc. was sold in 2006, with the manufacturing facility and equipment assets in Chattanooga, TN, remaining with Steward Advanced Materials. Steward Advanced Materials continues to build on the extensive history in designing and producing advanced magnetic materials and alloys as well as providing custom manufacturing services to create value for our customers.

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